Sleeping Equipment for Camping

Embrace the great outdoors and sleep soundly under the UK sky with our unbeatable selection of camping sleeping equipment! Whether you're planning cozy summer nights or braving cooler spring, autumn, or even winter adventures, we've got the perfect sleeping bag to keep you comfortable. Choose from luxuriously soft designs for ultimate relaxation or lightweight, packable options ideal for backpacking trips. Worried about the temperamental UK weather? No problem! Our sleeping bags are crafted with durable, water-resistant materials, ensuring you stay dry no matter what the elements throw your way. For an extra layer of comfort and warmth, don't forget to explore our range of camping pillows and sleeping mats, guaranteeing a restful night's sleep under the stars. Upgrade your next UK camping trip and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer any adventure!

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Outwell Sleepin Double 10 cm

Outwell Sleepin Double 10.0cm designed to meet the insulation expectations of touring campers.  This mat is in a compact design but still offers the u...
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Outwell Sleepin Single 10.0 cm inflated

Outwell Sleepin Single 10 cm

Outwell Sleepin Single 10.0 cm is a lightweight self-inflating mat.This mat meets the insulation expectations of touring campers seeking a compact des...
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