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Camp Star 500XL 5 Man Air Tent with Footprint and Carpet

SKU: OR1129

Looking for a family tent that's both affordable and spacious? Look no further than the Camp Star 500XL! This lightweight air tent is a fantastic choice for weekend getaways or longer camping or holiday adventures.

Here's what makes the Camp Star 500XL a great pick:

  • Spacious: Sleeps up to 5 comfortably with a large living area, perfect for relaxing with the whole family.
  • Air Tent: Forget heavy poles! This innovative tent inflates for a quick and easy setup. (Update: Clarify if air tent is included or optional)
  • Affordable: Offers excellent value for money, making it a great choice for budget-conscious families.
  • Lightweight: Easy to transport and maneuver thanks to its lightweight design.
  • Breathable: Features a ventilation system and mesh fly screen panels for excellent airflow and comfort in warmer weather.
  • Camping Friendly: With a convenient side door for easy access and a footprint included for added protection on various campsites.
  • Flexible Sleeping: The large bedroom can be used as one big sleeping area for a couple or divided into 2-3 sleeping zones using the toggle-in divider.
  • Privacy & Light Control: Crystal-clear windows provide natural light, while toggle-up curtains offer privacy when needed.
  • Expandable: Maximize your living space with the optional Camp Star Side Porch (sold separately).
  • Sun Protection: Enhance your outdoor experience with the optional Camp Star Sun Canopy (sold separately), providing shade on sunny days.

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